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Ants >>

A Carpenter Ant is the most common wood destroying insect, causing a great amount of damage to your home or business property.



Termites, like carpenter ants, are wood destroying insects that cause excessive damage to your home or business.



There are many types of cockroaches found in Rhode Island, and many carry harmful diseases.


Bees, Hornets & Wasps

Stinging insects can pose a hazard, especially if there are allergies involved. We have years of experience removing them.


Rodents - Mice and Rats

Rodents (mice/rats) – extremely common in households and businesses. There are several options for controlling this problem.


Other Services

There are plenty of other ways we can help, including services to control beetles, fleas, ticks, lady bugs, mosquitos, and more.

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RichardGreenhalghJrTop notch service!

That’s what you can expect from Winfield Termite and Pest. Peter has responded to my house within only a few hours of my call on a few occasions!

He is trustworthy, and above all fair with his prices. He is always available in an emergency and you will have peace of mind, the problem will be fixed. I always recommend Winfield Termite and Pest to any homeowner that is looking for quality professional service!”

- Richard Greenhalgh Jr.

susanquattrocchiI have had an ant problem for the past 9 years.

Once the spring hits, I cannot leave one crumb in the the sink, counter, or floor. I get millions of tiny ants. I have had the big blue bug come to my home continuous years with several treatments per year. the ants always win. Peter Winfield came to my home one time.

He destroyed the ants!!

I have not seen a SINGLE ant since his visit and treatment. Thank you Peter! I will always HIGHLY recommend your company and your expertise.”

-Sue Quattrocchi
Scituate, Rhode Island